Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Behind My Back

I am inspired. Again.

I have been surfing the web, exercising my Google and Flicker pages, and have found soooooo many pictures of beautiful cupcakes.

Cupcakes aren't what they used to be when I used to (technical term alert) slop batter into 25 cupcake papers, (again) slather them with icing and send them off with my daughter to kindergarten.

In case you are not aware, cupcakes have grown up.

Also, cupcakes come in different sizes and shape these days from mini to giant. Who knew so much was possible?

Check out these beautiful creations:
The cupcake at the top of the post is embossed fondant topped with a fondant rose. The one above is covered in minature roses. Major cute alert. But that's what cupcakes are: They're cute.

As the outsides of cupcakes have been changing behind my back and so have the insides. You can scoop out a cupcake and stuff anything inside such as fruit or preserves or even use it for a hiding place for MORE ICING. Yes, my name is Leslie and I'm a sugarholic.

To the left we have a culinary interpretation of shabby chic. Oh yeah, I'm making some of these.

Just in case green food turns you off, they would look equally delighful in pink or white. These look as though they were dipped in royal icing or poured fondant and topped with a buttercream or fondant flower.
Now, is this the most beautiful cupcake you have ever seen in your life OR WHAT? What do you think those curlycues on top are made of? Pink chocolate? I'm pretty sure I could make this using white chocolate and it would be equally beautiful.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this, I would really appreciate your input. It's just too pretty.

Finally, these cupcakes to the right are just flat elegant all decked out in white rose buds. Half have a single, slightly open rose while the other half are sporting three closed buds, strictly following the rule to always decorate in odd numbers.
If I had to guess, I would say that these cupcakes were topped with fondant and have either gum paste or fondant roses. Wouldn't these be great to serve at a wedding or anniversary party?

You can not get more mature than that.

And that's how to go directly from kindergarten to grad school.

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