Monday, June 9, 2008

Vrooom, Vrooom.

The annual Indy 500 race brought a request from a friend for a cake. I don't watch the race (I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch cars drive in a circle for hours) so I had to do a little research before I could start baking.
For example, did you know that the tires on the Indy cars do not have tread unless it is raining and they need them for special traction? Otherwise, no tread gives the most traction. This was disappointment to me because the cake I had visualized had tread, which would have been easy to make on the sides, and because without tread it kinda looks like a plain cake with black icing.
I researched the Indy racing flags and made these out of craft foam and cookie sticks that I painted black with magic marker. Just for fun, I enclosed information on what the flags each meant.
Finally, the interior of this cake was devil's food with an Oreo/buttercream icing filling. Yum.
A good time was had by all and the cake was a hit.
And she gets another checkered flag for good behavior!
Don't worry, it won't last.

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