Tuesday, May 20, 2008

See one, Do one, Teach one

The story goes that after my first fondant class, I was bragging at work about how easy it was to make beautiful cookies and cakes and the girls at the office retort was something like, "Easy for you to say!"
So, I told them that I would show them in one lunch hour how to make really cool cookies that would impress friends and family alike.
The day before the class we surfed with web for a design they would like to make.
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen the night before class, I baked sugar cookies and cut circles with the same cutters out of yellow fondant. I stored them for the following day.
At the class, my two students colored their fondant, learned how to roll it out, and how to cut two sizes of flowers. We used piping gel to attach the layers and the little center.
They were amazed at how easy it was.
Don't forget that whatever you can do to a roundish cookie, you can also do to a cupcake.
I like to think of teaching fondant decorating as advanced Play Dough class.
By the way, everyone passed.
*We decided that this design might look good as a water lily with a white flower with a touch of purple painted on the petals on top of a background of blue for water or green for a lily pad. Later.

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