Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got Lady Slippers?

We have four followers! Thanks for joining the Sugar Buzz gang! Unlike other web pages where the bakers get to play in the kitchen full-time, baking here at The Sugar Buzz Factory is a part-time endeavor - so we don't have as many posts - but we do try to do it first class when we wander into the kitchen.

Let me introduce us:
The Sugar Buzz Factory is a family project: David takes the pictures, friends stop by and Mumsie (my mother) often pitches in on large orders & I come up with ideas and get covered in flour and icing.

Stay tuned for our next baking adventure which is fondant Lady Bug cookies for a baby shower and imprinted fondant cakes (with my new rolling pins & imprint sheets!) for the neighborhood church bake sale on May 30.

Meanwhile, we head into the garden and woods for Memorial Day Weekend, which is where David found these Pink Lady Slipper Orchids.

Oh yeah, and we're gonna empty and sterilize David's car this weekend. (He says we're gonna have to rake it out before we can clean it. Oh, goodie.)

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