Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Cookies

Adopt a Peep 'cause they're invading Blair County. See posting below to benefit the Central PA Humane Society.
This old fashioned Eastertide postcard on a sugar cookie is printed with edible ink onto (edible) wafter paper which is similiar to rice paper, but made with potato starch. There are 14 different designs available and they are all on large, postcard-sized cookies that measure about 3 1/2" by 5" and are 3/8" thick.

Check out the Sweet Little Bunny cookies. These bunnies are also printed on wafer paper and attached to a sugar cookie. Which one is Peter Rabbit? These cookies are over 2" in diameter.

The night before Easter, be sure to leave one of these huge (almost 2" by 5 1/2") sugar cookie carrots out for the Easter Bunny along with a frosty glass of milk.

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