Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Light Cookie Ingredients

We have had requests for the ingredient list for the Christmas Light Cookies.
While the exact recipe is Top Secret, I can tell what is NOT in them: additives, fillers and preservatives.
All of our cookies are lovingly made fresh from scratch with the purest ingredients right here in Blair County--just for you.
For example, we use real butter, not margarine, imitation butter, I Can't Believe this Crap's Not Butter or butter-flavored grease in a can. We also use real eggs, not imitation low cholesterol eggs. If your cholesterol is high, you shouldn't even be looking at cookies, let alone reading a blog about baking. Your cholesterol probably just rose 10 points the past 5 seconds.
Anyway, we believe that good old-fashioned ingredients not only taste better, but are healthier than all the imitation stuff on the shelves, which is why we stick to the basics: eggs, butter, flour and sugar--and this is why our cookies are as good as what Grandma used to make.

Sugar Cookie & Icing Ingredients

Sugar: regular and confectioner's
Baking Powder
Lemon Juice
Food Coloring
The Cookies are accented with purchased decorations such as non-pariels, Sparkling Sugar, jimmies and dragees.

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